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Hello, explorers! I'm Judith Eve, the founder and principal writer for HeyFamilyTravelers and CruisingtonPost.

My home is nestled in beautiful South Florida, where the sun kisses the waves and the beach stretches out like an endless welcome mat. It's a gorgeous place that brings joy and inspiration, but my spirit has always been captivated by the allure of distant shores and unique cultures. The thrill of packing a suitcase, stepping aboard a plane or a ship, and waking up in a new destination never fails to ignite my soul.

I started my life's adventure as a mother of two wonderful children who have since blessed me with three delightful grandchildren. The memories we've built exploring the globe together are the treasures of my heart. This love for family and travel is the core of HeyFamilyTravelers, a place where I share our stories, tips, and experiences, aiming to inspire other families to embark on their own adventure-filled journeys.

Over the years, my family and I have discovered our shared passion for cruising. There is something incredible about floating on the endless sea, with world-class service, fabulous entertainment, and the excitement of exploring multiple destinations in one trip. My love for this unique form of travel led me to establish CruisingtonPost, another platform where I focus on sharing our sea-borne adventures, cruise reviews, and travel advice.

My objective is simple. I want to encourage everyone, especially families and seniors, to step out of their comfort zones, explore the world, and create their own cherished memories. Life's journey is full of beautiful places and moments waiting to be discovered. I hope that through my stories and articles, you'll find the inspiration and practical guidance you need to set sail on your own grand adventure.

Thank you for stopping by. I look forward to sharing our family's escapades with you and hearing about your own travels!

Happy Travels,
Judith Eve